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Meet our dedicated team and find out what makes Fairfax Community Hospital such a special place for our community and our patients.

About Rural Wellness Fairfax

Dr. Elizabeth J. Pusey, Founder and President

A practicing radiologist with decades of experience, Dr. Elizabeth Pusey founded Rural Wellness Fairfax, Inc. when her passion for accessible rural healthcare brought her to Fairfax Community Hospital. Rural Wellness Fairfax acquired the hospital along with two area clinics in Fairfax and Pawnee with the goal of revitalizing, updating, and expanding the facilities to bring top-quality healthcare to the community.

Dr. Pusey works alongside First Physicians Capital Group, an Oklahoma City-based hospital management group, to lead operations. Rural Wellness Fairfax’s planned hospital improvements include adding an additional six rooms in the patient hall, expanding the lab, and relocating and expanding the emergency room.

At home in California, Dr. Pusey spends her time managing her radiology practice with a focus on women’s health, playing board games with her three children, and reading fiction.

Photo of Hunter Thoms

Hunter Thoms, Chief Executive Officer

Since joining First Physicians in 2015, Hunter has established himself as a healthcare leader. With a proven track record of developing strong, collaborative relationships and creating sustainable solutions, Hunter was one of 10% of applicants selected for the National Rural Health Association’s CEO certification program. Hunter has overseen many successful projects from small scale construction, to implementing facility-wide electronic health records, to finding the perfect sugar-free dessert for the hospital cafeteria (after many samples, he chose the cheesecake, cupcake, and chocolate mousse from the Mercantile).

In his spare time, Hunter enjoys spending quality time with his wife and daughter, and outdoor activities with their two dogs. With an innate curiosity and a desire to learn, Hunter enjoys traveling, learning about different cultures, and picking up new skills along the way.

About Our Governing Board

Rural Wellness Fairfax is proud to have board members committed to investing in the future success and growth of our community for generations to come. All of our board members are active civic leaders in the Fairfax Community Hospital service area, and they challenge us every day to think of better solutions and bring the highest quality care to our local community.

Photo of James Graham

James I. Graham, D.O.

Dr. Graham is our dedicated Medical Director. He is also Medical Director of Osage County HD, ONHL Hospice, and Fairfax Manor Nursing Home in addition to sitting on the Oklahoma Osteopathic Board and the Osage County HD Board. He is an adjunct clinical professor at his alma mater OSU, where he received his B.S. in Cell Biology/Zoology and Doctor of Osteopathy Degree. Dr. Graham has worked at the hospital for 40 years and is excited about the possibilities that innovative new technology can bring to rural community healthcare.

Charlie Cartwright

Charlie Cartwright

As a law enforcement officer for 42 years, Charlie has served his community in many roles — from field deputy to chief criminal investigator to sheriff. He is currently Captain assigned to the Osage County Jail. He’s served on Fairfax’s town council for 3 terms, as Vice Mayor for 6 years, and as Mayor one and a half times. Charlie is a family man who is married with two children, a son and a daughter. His vision for the hospital is to see it thrive as it builds a greater relationship with the community, including more community involvement.

Photo of board member

Debi Barnard

Ms. Barnard spent 32 years at Fairfax Community Hospital as a lab tech and manager before retiring in 2017. While serving as lab manager, she was asked to take on the role of radiology manager as well. She moved to Mobile, AL for months to learn ultra-sonography and help implement those services at home, a testament to her passion for the hospital, the town, and the community. It worries her to think what Fairfax would be like without the hospital and the jobs it provides and she is committed to its continued success and growth.

Our Healthcare Team

Our staff includes physicians and providers representing a range of medical training and experience, as well as caring and experienced physicians assistants, nurses, and support staff that are equipped and ready to serve the Fairfax Community. All of our healthcare team members work tirelessly to ensure your experience at Fairfax Community hospital is a happy one.   

About Fairfax Community Hospital


Not long ago, the story of Fairfax Community Hospital seemed to be one that is all too common in rural communities across the country — the story of a struggling small town hospital without the financial resources, equipment, or patients necessary to keep the lights on and the doors open. The hospital would have closed without the resilience and dedication of its doctors, nurses, and staff working for months without pay while buying medical supplies out of their own pockets. While Rural Wellness Fairfax and First Physicians Capital Group brought the resources needed to turn the hospital into the top-quality healthcare provider Fairfax deserved, it is still the faithfulness, devotion, and tenacity of the staff that make Fairfax Community Hospital an exceptional place to receive care.

With a $5 million expansion in the works, Fairfax Community Hospital is in an exciting period of growth. Rural Wellness Fairfax has invested in our staff by providing additional healthcare training, team-building experiences, and new equipment such as the new digital X-ray unit and several medical grade air purifiers. As we enter this new chapter, it is our hope that the story of Fairfax Community Hospital is far from over and that our growth will allow us to be an asset to our town’s independence and a cornerstone of healthcare in our community for many years to come.

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Better Health Care is Our Mission

Every day brings a chance to do things a little better than the day before.

At Fairfax Community Hospital, we are working hard to meet the needs of our community. You'll see it in improvements, both large and small. You'll feel it with the addition of new staff and enhanced services. And you'll know it from quality and safety of patient care.

Today and everyday, we are here for you.

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